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Thank you Doug for your help yesterday. I was very surprised when our front door wouldn’t open when I got home. I called Spencer’s Locksmith and you came within an hour and fixed it within 20 minutes at a reasonable price and even showed me helpful tips as you were working. I appreciate the quick response and professional service and recommend Spencer’s Locksmith to everyone. Much success to you, Lori (Homeowner)

Lori Neal

Bought a new house, the keys we were given were bad copies of worse duplicates. Plus who knows who still had keys to the house… We needed to re-key the locks. Found these guys on Angie’s list. Not inexpensive, re-keying our storm doors was $45 each door, and each standard lock/normal dead bolt on the house was $25 each. There was also a $70 standard site visit fee, ouch! But the reviews on many of the other businesses in the area were, shall we say, a little nervous-making since these dudes A. know where you live once you’ve used their services, and B. they pick locks/have master lock opening skillz since that’s their job. You wanna reputable lock co when you get your locks changed and Spencer’s your dude for that. Well, actually I think his name was Neal, but the sentiment stands.


My wife and I bought a home and I remembered reading somewhere that most home buyers never re-key the locks and just keep the key they received from the previous owner. The article went on to say that you have no idea how many duplicates have been made to that key. We called Spencer’s Safe & Lock and they not only re-keyed our locks but keyed all of the locks the same and surveyed all of the locks to determine if they were the right lock for the door. We recommend to all home buyers to re-key your home and call the professionals at Spencer’s

Myles and Pam Meehan

Dear Spencer’s Safe & Lock, I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for all your help and work related to the call placed on February 17, 2006. With the help of your company, we were able to contain a potentially much larger problem and inconvenience homeowners as little as possible. Thank you for your prompt response and professionalism. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Mathew Prey

Dear Mr. Spencer, I just wanted to tell you that Neal Spencer did a great job in helping me with the work I needed done at my home. He went the extra “mile” in making sure the job was done right. I appreciate his work as well as the work of your great staff.

Richard Stopa

Time spent driving from my place, making a giant loop, then hunting up and down Spring Street looking for Spencer’s: fifteen minutes. Time required for the folks here to fashion me up two perfectly functional duplicate keys: thirty seconds. For those that are as directionally challenged as I am, Sunset Hills turns into Spring Street. That would have shaved off a good ten minutes of driving right there. You’ll find this shop on the south side of the road, nestled into a strip mall of various other businesses, the most notable of which was Mr. Pepperoni. I kind of want to try it out (regardless of the awful reviews) on the basis of its amazingly ridiculous name alone. Anyway, with an in-and-out investment of $4.50 (plus tax) and two minutes, I walked out with exactly what I needed. Score.

Kevin L.

Have you ever gone for a walk after carefully closing the door behind only to discover you grabbed the car keys instead of the house keys? Congratulations! You’ve locked yourself out. That’s exactly what I did, making the little button in the middle of the knob my nemesis. I felt terribly stupid, but there was no way around it, so I called Spencer’s to see how soon someone could let me in. Fortunately, this family run business has a locksmith/son named Neal. Within 45 minutes he arrived in a small eco-van and was as pleasant as he could be (didn’t make one joke about my locking myself out). After-hours emergency calls are not inexpensive (over $100), but thankfully, things like this don’t happen often. I totally appreciated the quick rescue. Local, family-owned and easy to work with.

Lynn S.

First, this place actually exists, unlike the vast majority of locksmiths listed in the area. So that’s worth four stars right there. Secondly… he’s there! There is one other locksmith with an actual storefront I found, and both times I drove by during business hours the lights were on but nobody was home, with no indication of when he might return. Thirdly, I got my lock re-keyed quickly at a fair cost, and he was very nice too. If you’re looking for a mobile locksmith, there may be other perfectly good locksmiths around. But I would still recommend Spencer’s. If you’re holding something in your hand that you need to take in and get done, then this is your best and only choice.

John O.

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